Mobile Diesel Repair LLC Since 2015


Mobile Diesel Repair has been family since its creation in 2015. Currently run by Doug Broin, the much of his family is active with the business. Sarah, Doug's wife, has been involved with creating the company's website and is the Director of Finance and HR Operations. Doug and Sarah's son, Alex, joined the company in February 2019 as a Technician Apprentice and is attending Dakota County Technical College to become a Heavy Duty Truck Technician. Their daughter, Abbi, has titled herself as the office Secretary and while still in elementary school helped set-up the our current office space.

In The Beginning...

Starting out as one of the mobile service operations in town and offering maintenance to major repair services, overtime Mobile Diesel Repair LLC grown into a well respected business partner to many local business.

...Still Running

We have a proud history of excellent work and customers service. Through our success, we have also been able to give back to our community through donating and volunteering with our local schools.